Drug & Alcohol Addiction

What Can I Do?

(for Bucks County, PA residents)

By Jerry Kearney

1.  Educate yourself (town hall forums on drugs and alcohol abuse, Livengrin's "Enlightenment Program", the Council of Southeastern PA's "Family Program", internet, etc.).

2.  Stage an Intervention.

3.  Set clear and consistent boundaries; try not to participate in enabling behaviors which help the loved one stay in active addiction; no idle threats (especially if the loved one lives at your home).  Do not "cover" for the addict.

4.  Support the different forms of treatment (Inpatient and Outpatient).

5.  Take care of yourself.

​6.  Expect denial.  It is an essential component of the disease and is often used as a coping mechanism.

7.  The addict's disease will often cause them to rationalize and manipulate.  They may even tell you that drugs and drinking are beneficial for them.  Try not to argue or ridicule, but calmly disagree with anything that you don't believe is true.

8.  Get the loved one's primary care doctor involved (health problems and addiction pharmacology).

9.  Remember:  Drug and alcohol addictions are powerful enemies.  However, millions of people worldwide are in successful recovery.