In April of 2018 we had the “Bucks County Blitz” which was

comprised of 71 events throughout Bucks County from April 14 - 28, 2018 ending in the Together We Can Convention

**NOTE:  The 2018 Blitz  is now concluded - this page remains for information purposes.

For anyone wanting to participate in the Bucks County Blitz (
free) and take advantage of the free promotion and publicity for your organization's event addressing addictions, recovery, the drug issue, or the opioid crisis, etc., do the following:

1.  Schedule a special event with your organization in Bucks County between April 15 - April 27th.  The event can be large or small, complicated or simple, but it must relate to addressing addiction, the drug epidemic, recovery or related issues.  We can help you set up and put on an event if need be (call 215-738-8893).
Sign up (free) and participate in the Blitz by clicking here and signing up through the Eventbrite system.   While sign up through the Eventbrite system is preferred, you can also send the specifics of your event to (i.e. including date, time and place of where it is to be held and a brief write up what you will be doing).

On April 12, 2018 at 10:00 a.m. (proposed date and time) there will be a “Blitz” media event and press conference at the Justice Center in Doylestown (in the courtyard) where the newspapers, tv, etc. will be present.  All the events that will be taking part in the “Blitz” will be provided to the media at that event (we will provide them with a list).  Currently we have D.A. Matt Weintraub, Diane Rosati from the Drug and Alcohol Commission, Chairman County Commissioner Rob Loughery, etc. participating.  Last year the Blitz was on the front pages of every newspaper in the county with all the Blitz events listed, and we were on Channel 6 Action News, etc.

Additionally, if you wish, you may also participate, on April 28, 2018 from 12:00 noon to 4:00 p.m., in the Together We Can Convention at the NAC Sports Training Center building (i.e. about a 20,000 square ft space) at the Newtown Athletic Club campus in Newtown, PA.  This will be a free event where your organization can have a table (need to reserve ahead of time -
Click here to reserve a table).  If you participated in the “Blltz” with an event, you and your organization are invited and welcome to participate in the Convention, and you will be entitled to some stage time at the Convention to speak about your event, and the media will also be invited to the Convention too. The Convention is also on the same day as the 50+ location county wide drug take back and the Convention will be a collection site as well.

For the 2018 Blitz Event List - - Click Here